Pat Vary Rocks

County Board member Pat Vary, whose constituents include DeKalb south-siders both in- and outside the city, weighed in on the nature of the opposition of the Business Center project as well as the concept of balance in future industrial development. She also asks why we actively market logistics if we don’t want to follow Rochelle’s warehouse model for growth:

We must ask ourselves, how much farmland will we devote to warehouses? residences? office and research? What kind of developed community do we want to be 20 years from now? 40 years? It is definitely time for us to debate these questions more seriously and widely as a community before Mr. Keating or another developer comes back with more warehousing, attracted by the I-39Logistic Corridor’s marketing of a vast transportation network. Please check out to see what is proposed for our whole area. Where is the Web site marketing to other types of businesses the wonderful communities of this area the quality of life, and the presence of university resources, that should attract businesses and their personnel providing higher pay scales than warehousing?

The rest of her LTTE is here.