Osborne Weighs in on Warehousing

Rich Osborne offered an analysis of the logistics situation on his Osblog site last month. I meant to link to it at the time but the holidays distracted me from following through. The ideas are still fresh though, so here’s a slice:

…A more complete mix of development is the ideal situation. In the past that meant having some commercial and industrial development to go with the new rooftops. Now that needs to mean diversifying the commercial and industrial development.

Here’s what we need to know about that: it’s hard. We’re an attractive target for logistics operations. We’re a harder sell for other development…

Although he acknowledges the difficulty of marketing ourselves to industries other than logisitics, Osborne doesn’t argue against trying. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; plus he suggests what needs to be done to prepare ourselves, including airport improvements and taking a more “drastic” approach to rebuilding our downtown. Go to www.osborne.blogspot.com for this–and save room for some of his County Board adventures, too.