Sycamore Taxpayers Get the Shaft

The Sycamore city council unanimously decided to rebate nearly $1 million to Jewel-Osco to have the grocery chain locate there. From the Daily Chronicle:

“Hopefully, it’s clear that the dollars that are being rebated are not currently coming into the city’s coffers,” said Alderman Alan Bauer, 1st Ward.

This is dumb. Of course many of the tax dollars used for this give-away are the very ones currently generated by sales at Brown’s Country Market, local liquor stores and pharmacies, any establishment that carries the same stuff that Jewel does. It’s called “transfer sales.”

DeKalb city council members refused even to consider a request for funds for renovating the south side grocery store that became Sullivan’s in November 2004 for this reason, and I haven’t heard a peep about incentives for the Schnucks at the proposed Glidden Crossing, either. Good for us. Sycamore should re-examine its incentives policies.