Wanted: Local Writers

Our comments don’t show it, but we’re getting a few visitors every day who aren’t spamming. Also we’re only a month away from our first anniversary. In other words, it looks like we’re not going anywhere.

We have another blogger-in-training but would like to recruit a few more DeKalb County residents as contributors to reach a goal of two new articles per week. If you are up on the local scene, like to write and have a unique perspective on one or more of the topics we cover, please register. We welcome all viewpoints but do observe a couple of rules:

  • Clean language. We want to be a local resource that a person of any age can visit.
  • A strong point of view on any issue is welcome, but partisanship and other group prejudices are not. Support or criticize a candidate, position or governmental body, but never an entire political party or any other group affiliation.
  • That’s about it, I think. If not, we’ll no doubt find out.