Obama And JP Morgan

Money may not be the root of all evil but it may be the downfall of any politician who has the audacity to hope to be a true representative of the people. Take Senator Obama as an example.

Obama projects a populist persona to the public, but is the Harvard trained lawyer with over $100,000 invested in JP Morgan Chase (According to his financial disclosure form filed in May of 2006) the real Obama? This is the same JP Morgan Company that has donated over $50,000 to Obama’s campaign. (According to Opensecrets.org

Mr. Obama has assests with the same JP Morgan Chase Company that is the largest financial backer of BlueLinx Holdings Inc., the largest wood distributor in the United States. The same BlueLinx that investigations by Greenpeace and Rainforset Action Network has shown is illegally exporting timber out of “Indonesia’s critically endangered rainforests,” according to CorpWatch.org. The same Indonesia of Senator Obama’s childhood.

A Business Week editorial in 2005 entitled ”

Indonesia’s Chainsaw Massacre” stated that Indonesia’s ravaged rainforests are “disappearing at the rate equivalent to the area of 300 soccer fields every hour. The country has lost 70% of the ancient forest already and, at the present rate what remains will be gone within 15 years.” Before Senator Obama’s two little girls will ever have a chance to see them? They will become like dreams of her father’s childhood. However, according to returns on JP Morgan’s $165 million loan to BlueLinx they may benefit from their father’s assets in the company that is paying for its destruction.

According to Ilyse Hogue director of the Rainforest Action Network (RAN)

“JP Morgan Chase has built its financial empire by making investments of mass destruction like BlueLinx. She says as quoted by CorpWatch, “Illegal logging in Indonesia is both an environmental and humanitarian crisis. It is morally reprehensible that America’s second largest bank is connected with corrupt timber cartels that are directly responsible for the wholesale destruction of the most fragile and endangered forest ecosystem on Earth.”

In his book “Dreams From My Father” Mr. Obama says of his boyhood in Indonesia, “That’s how things were, one long adventure, the bounty of a young boy’s life.” Ancient rainforests hold untold bounties of their own.

Only time will tell if Senator Obama will stand with the people or with JP Morgan. Only his actions over time will tell us where his true allegiance lies.