Rove’s Poison Infects DeKalb

It appears that we have True Believers of Karl Rove in the area around DeKalb. The actions involing Victor Wogen and his puppeteers is right from Karl Rove’s playbook and in keeping with the methods used many places by the hard-nosed conservative Republicans who will go to any lengths to push their extreme right-wing agenda forward. This time DeKalb’s local politics took the hit, which is the greatest loss of all. Voters of the Third Ward feel their rights have been abused regardless of who they voted for in the election. As well they should; their Constitutional rights were mugged and they feel like any victim of an attack would feel.

Since all of the known players behind this fiasco are from outside DeKalb, and since no one with the shadow group–Citizens for a Better Third Ward–has come forward we can probably be assured that there is no one of the Third Ward in the group, and some not even from our city. It’s certainly true of Jon Zahm. Zahm lives in Maple Park and is the founder and chairman of the Kane County Conservative Coalition since July of 2002.

Then there’s Kirkland resident Joe Wiegand’s long standing ties ties to such conservative right-wing Republicans as Chris Lauzen, Oberweiss, and Alan Keyes, formerly of Massachusettes.

Karl Rove’s election-eve red-baiting and false accusation windshield flyers are now infamous. This is an old and tired Republican tactic and it highlights all that is bad about politics without morals. It would be refreshing if Joe Wiegand were capable of being more like the character he travels around the country portraying, Theodore Roosevelt. In 1903 Roosevelt said, ”

There is not in all America a more dangerous trait than the deification of mere smartness unaccompanied by any sense of moral responsibility.

Jon Zahm’s and Joe Wiegand’s unwillingness to identify those who make up this group behind the flyer and probably planning to pull Wogen’s strings for the next four years, exhibits a lack of “moral responsibility.” It also shows that they have much to hide.

Like who is putting up the money. Follow the money trail and it will lead to real estate investors and real estate developers who want to stack the council in their favor. Watch out for this tactic to be repeated in other wards in the future if those who are afraid to show themselves can get other puppets to run.

And to borrow from Mr. Wiegand’s alter ego one more time,

There should be relentless exposure of and attack upon every evil practice, whether in politics, in business,or in social life.

The muckrakers of DeKalb are just beginning their exposure of this “evil practice.”