Do You Hear What I Hear?

It seems that City Clerk Donna Johnson has a problem hearing Mr. Wogen’s name anytime a citizen says it.

If you watch the City Council meetings and then read Ms. Johnson’s minutes of those meetings you may wonder if you were in the same room. Or at least when it comes to the public comments portion of the meeting.

Let me give a couple of examples. If you have been following the council meetings in person or by cable, you know that on May 14th Mr. Herb Rubin spoke about Mr. Wogen’s lying to the public. When the minutes came out the City Clerk (You recall the one hugging Mr. Wogen on election night after his big 13 vote victory. As shown on the front page of the Daily Chronicle.) chose to summarize Mr. Rubin’s comments this way:

“He had an issue with one newly-elected Alderman, who he said failed to tell the truth. He added trust is needed for government to function.”

I don’t know about you but I think if I were Mr. Simpson or Mr. Keller, the other two “newly-elected aldermen,” I’d be pretty upset that it is now public record that one of the three does not value the public’s trust.

Then if this were not proof enough of selective hearing or of censoring check this out. Ms. Kay Shelton, Mr. John Duerk, or Ms. Lynn Fazekas all made passionate and articulate comments on May 29th. They spoke eloquently from the heart and with conscience to the issue of Mr. Wogen’s unethical behavior. They said his name several times in the remarks and they were very specific with their concerns. All three spoke for their full alotted time and they all spoke from prepared statements. Here is how our City Clerk chose to summarize Ms. Shelton:

Ms. Kay Shelton expressed her opinion regarding the recent 3rd Ward election in which she was a losing candidate.”

That doesn’t begin to come close to the passionate comments I heard.

She also summarized Mr. Duerk’s well written statement to 8 words: “expressed his opinion regarding the recent 3rd Ward election.”

Lynn Fazekas’ words were summarized the same way. Ms. Johnson didn’t even say whether the opinions were positive or negative. Nothing!

I don’t think there is any doubt what is happening here with our public record. The city clerk has taken it upon herself to be judge and censor of what is allowed into the public record and what is not. And the rubber stamp council just goes along approving the lies of omission.

I hope those who have spoken so far about the issue of Mr. Wogen’s shameful behavior take their comments to the city council again with copies to hand out to everyone present and to the city clerk of their statement and that they read their statements again for the public record. Only this time I hope that all four do it on the same night. Because Ms. Johnson obviously didn’ t hear what I heard.

Also if you listen closely you may hear what I hear. The fabric of democracy unraveling in DeKalb.