Council Pre-Watch 7/11/07

This week’s council meetings have been rescheduled for next week after Monday’s rain-out, which turned streets south of Rt. 38, from Second to Seventh, into rivers. (I myself am the sudden owner of lakefront property, which happens whenever there’s a “100-year-flood,” or about every four years.)

I noticed this item in the city manager’s notes for the regular council meeting:

ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A SPECIAL SERVICE AREA NUMBER TWELVE (DEKALB BUSINESS CENTER PLANNED DEVELOPMENT) IN THE CITY OF DEKALB, ILLINOIS AND PROVIDING FOR A PUBLIC HEARING AND OTHER PROCEDURES IN CONNECTION THEREWITH. A Public Hearing needs to be held in order to consider establishing a Special Service Area for the property located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Gurler Road and Illinois Route 23, commonly known as DeKalb Business Center. This property was annexed into the City on December 11, 2006. The Annexation Agreement provided for the creation of an Owners Association, which will be responsible for maintenance of the common areas and storm water retention areas. The Special Service Area would only be activated in the event that the Owners Association fails to provide the required maintenance. The attached Ordinance authorizes a Public Hearing to be held on August 13, 2007 for the purpose of considering the establishment of Special Service Area Number Twelve. While an Ordinance is not generally required to call a Public Hearing, state statute requires an Ordinance to be enacted before the consideration of a Special Service Area can take place. Separate action through Ordinance at a later date would be required to establish the SSA.

Discussion of the Special Service Area statute and the increasing popularity of this type of financing can be found here. SSAs are often used as an economic development funding tool to implement revitalization plans as has been suggested for the Route 38 East Corridor project. DeKalb is now establishing SSAs proactively–AKA “fallback” SSAs–since it is not unknown for a business to blow off a maintenance agreement and stick the city with the job.

SSA Number 11 is Glidden Crossing.

SSAs including the fallback type can also be established in residential areas.