Taser Taser

“To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” ~Mark Twain

So tell me, when should a police officer use a Taser?

A couple days ago I watched a piece of video where a University of Florida student, during a campus Q&A with John Kerry, was immobilized by five police officers and then “Tased.” It reminded me of the incident at UCLA last November when a student at the library was “Tased” for not showing I.D.

YouTubes after the jump. It’s not what’s seen, it’s the screams, especially in the first one. You’ve been warned.

I have never had anything less than positive, professional interactions with police. The officers get credit, their leadership gets credit, my cognitive-behavioral prowess gets an honorable mention; but most of all there seems to be a huge advantage in never being a 20-something male.

The UCLA student was “Tased” again for not standing up when ordered to after the first shock.

The UF student.

I don’t mean to pick on campus cops. If you do a “Taser” search on YouTube you’ll find plenty of other examples, including “Tasing” as entertainment. I chose the above because they could be accompanied by video of the large and swift protests that resulted. No apathy here.

UCLA protest.

UF Protest.

Reports on U.S. Taser-related deaths.