3rd Quarter Dem Fundraising in Hastert Country

Three of the five IL-14 Democratic contenders’ main political committees have filed their 3rd quarter financial disclosures. Total contributions made to these committees:

$45,059.38 Friends of John Laesch.

$61,598.74 Vote Jotham Stein for Congress Inc.

$208,935.27 Bill Foster for Congress Committee. In addition, Foster loaned himself $200,000 last quarter. The other two do not have loans listed.

What’s surprising is that newcomer Stein outraised Laesch, the candidate who ran against Hastert in 2004. Laesch for some reason has been unable to build much name recognition and continues to underperform at fundraising.

There are two other Dem candidates, Joe Serra and Vern Del Jonson, but no numbers for them yet. Serra ran for state rep in the 50th last election, Del Jonson against Hastert in 2000. IMO Serra’s pretty solid but he only just announced and has some catching up to do.

Of the GOP candidates, only Lauzen’s numbers are available at the moment so will discuss that group later.

Disclosure: I’m knocking on doors for Bill Foster.