3rd Quarter GOP Fundraising in Hastert Country

Three of the IL-14 GOP Congressional contenders have filed 3rd quarter financial disclosures . Each candidate has a principal committee but in the case of Kevin Burns, the disclosures are listed under the candidate’s name. Total individual contributions through 9/30 for each:

$68,259.53 Kevin Burns/Kevin Burns for Congress. What you see is what you get: no PAC money or loans.

$215,975.00 Lauzen for Congress. Plus Lauzen picked up over $5,000 in political committee money and he loaned himself $324,750. Total receipts $545,775.

$94,150.00 Oberweis for Congress. Add Oberweis’ personal contribution of $27,000 and a loan of $300,000. Total receipts $422, 071.

No surprises here. As a longtime state senator and the current darling of far-right-wingers with deep pockets, Lauzen has and will continue to have plenty of cash on hand. Then there’s Oberweis, who has no problem providing infusions of his own milk money into his campaign.

There are strong rumors that Oberweis will be designated the Hastert “heir” to the IL-14 seat. If that is true, look for a titanic struggle between Lauzen and Oberweis. I don’t know exactly where that would leave Kevin Burns but it would be a shame if he were eclipsed by the titans. He seems to enjoy some popular support, as evidenced by the amount of unitemized (i.e. small) contributions and number of unique donors that’s comparable to the other two. More on that in my next post.