IL-14: Kane County Dem Forum

Last week the Kane County Democrats hosted a forum of IL-14 Democratic Congressional candidates Jotham Stein, John Laesch and Bill Foster before an audience of precinct committeemen at the Kane County Government Center in Geneva. It was not open to the public. I do not know who made the decision to restrict the audience nor why it did not occur to them to find private space for the private meeting instead of a public building, which is a no-no. Reportedly the Foster campaign requested no videotaping but FriendsofJohnLaesch, apparently believing that Laesch “won,” has uploaded audio of the forum in topic-sized pieces onto YouTube. The irony is that Laesch made the goofiest statement of the evening while addressing immigration issues, saying, “I disagree that we are a nation of laws; I believe we are a nation of hope.” Guess he got a bit carried away. Overall I think they all did all right–certainly one could get a feel for their positions–and am eager to attend the debate at NIU next week.

Disclosures: I like Bill Foster so much as a candidate for Congress that I voluntarily spent hours gathering ballot petition signatures for him. Because of people like me who are very enthused about his campaign, Foster turned in about 1900 signatures to get himself on the primary ballot, a good 1,000 more than was needed. I will be sending him money the next good payday and have not ruled out another stint at pounding the pavement. Meanwhile I will continue to post about him and other IL-14 candidates with as objective a viewpoint as I can muster while liking him best.