Town Recalls Pro-Blackwater Planning Board

[Whoops! Correction: One of the planning board members is anti-Blackwater and therefore was not a target of the recall.]

Potrero, California, in east San Diego County recalled its entire the pro-Blackwater contingent of its planning board on the basis of its approval of plans for Blackwater USA to buy 824 acres for a new mercenary training facility they call “Blackwater West.” Then, the town replaced the board with anti-Blackwater representation.

The vote count is clear and stunning: of just over 280 votes cast, (59% turnout) each of the incumbents was recalled with at least 63% in favor and each of the anti-Blackwater (pro-Potrero) candidates received no less than 71% of the votes. The new members will take their office upon certification of the results; the registrar told us that certification would occur not later than Thursday morning. With the next meeting of the Planning Group scheduled for Thursday night, we should have a 100% anti-Blackwater (pro-Potrero) panel set to take action.

Local farmer Carl Meyer led the effort. Next up is convincing 3 of the 5 San Diego County Supervisors to overcome the lobbying power of Blackwater in favor of the voters. If not, says Meyer, “The same recall mechanism works for county supervisors as for the Potrero planning group.”