Vote as Early as January 14

Early voting for the 2008 primary elections begins Monday, January 14 and runs through Thursday, January 31 at the County Clerk’s office, including Saturday morning hours on the 19th and 26th. I highly recommend it. There’s generally no line, you don’t have to give a reason for doing it (as you must for absentee voting) and your vote gets counted on Election Day along with all the others. Be sure to bring along your driver’s license or other state-issued photo i.d. to vote early.

One can still register to vote through January 8 at the offices of the city or county clerk, the library or even some banks. If you’ve moved, re-register. College students, this means you! As an election judge I find it sad when an eager young person among the tiny population of student voters gets turned away for neglecting to update an address. You don’t have to show i.d. on Election Day (though we might ask if we can’t find you on the list, to check the spelling of your name) but you do have to appear on the voter rolls of the precinct you live in.

Speaking of election judges, County Clerk Sharon Holmes can always use more. It’s a long, long day but the company is great, as is the feeling that one has taken the Next Step in participating to preserve the Republic. It also pays around a hundred bucks. Phone Ms. Holmes at (815) 895-7147 if interested.