Chronicle Blames Voters for Public Distrust

The Daily Chronicle’s roundup of 2007 included this gem:

Also in April, the new DeKalb City Council was ensnared in blame and finger-pointing when newly elected 3rd Ward Alderman Victor Wogen was caught in a petty lie over a petty campaign flier. The mudslinging lasted for months and served only to erode the public’s trust in our elected officials.

So, it was the public uproar itself that was to blame for the erosion of trust, not the nasty flier of unknown origins or the lies. Ri-i-ight.

They also imply that we care more about the Bible and horse slaughter than we do about poor and uninsured people. Way to go.

Whoops, looks like I neglected to have a “Media Watch” category handy. Well, we’ll see how it goes. Maybe they just had an off day.

Happy New Year!