City Website Update

City staff promised a few months ago that progress would be made to public access in a number of ways by January 2008. I just checked out the Council CoW meeting agenda for the 14th, and voila’:

CONSIDERATION OF THE CITY OF DEKALB’S WEBSITE ENHANCEMENT UPDATE. Back in August, staff gave a presentation on expanded access to City Council meetings and minutes thorough the City’s website. These enhancements included offering DVDs of City Council meetings at the Public Library, providing webcasts of council meetings on the City’s website, having the full agenda packet available online, and making e-payments and direct debit available for water bills. This memorandum provides an update on these projects and other initiatives we are undertaking.

The procedures for providing the DVDs to the public library and for making utility e-payments are already in place. This must mean the webcasts and agenda packets are on the way soon–and what’s this about other initiatives? Interesting.

Tip o’ the hat to the city for the timely follow-up.