City Website Update, Part 2

Click here to view the Webcast of the January 14 City Council meeting, and here to see the January 14 meeting agendas, now complete at 208 pages with agenda packet. This is indeed a step forward for government transparency and citizen access.

Other changes:

  • The search engine will now search the whole site by keyword, not just the ordinances as was the case before.
  • Staff will follow Community Enhancement Commission recommendations for making the site more user-friendly.
  • You can now pay your water/sewer/waste pickup bill online–and soon, you’ll be able to pay your parking tickets there too, you scofflaw you.
  • Public Access Cable Channel 14 is now carrying The Illinois Channel, described by some as “the C-SPAN of state government.”
  • Since I happened to visit DeKalb Public Library on Monday I checked for DVDs of the City Council meetings. Some are on the shelves, though none from the past couple months.