Why I Like Bill Foster

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Bill Foster (as well as Jim Oberweis on the Republican side) this week in the IL-14 Congressional race. It’s no secret that I like Bill, but some don’t understand why, because he hasn’t exactly excelled in the debates. That is why I’m glad to provide this link to the Chicago Tribune editorial board’s interview of IL-14 Democratic congressional candidates Jotham Stein, John Laesch and Foster. The candidates pretty much had to abandon their stump speeches because this was more about measuring the depths of their understanding on the issues facing us.

It’s about an hour long but I hope you will watch as much as you can carve out time for. I’ll save most of my comments except to say that I think the best quote came from Foster when he was explaining his efforts as a member of Responsible Wealth to preserve the Estate Tax:

If you’re going to have taxes at all in society, the best place to start is with dead millionaires.