Chronicle Kind of Endorses Foster–Oh, and Lauzen Too


Despite his willingness to mix it up with the other candidates and his frequent difficulty in responding to their attacks, we endorse Bill Foster. He is a businessman and scientist with an impressive background, having worked at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia. He also was one of the founders of Electronic Theatre Controls. Foster’s scientific background and analytical approach to problem-solving would be very beneficial in Washington.

Foster supports bringing the war in Iraq to an end and responsibly withdrawing the troops. He seems to know the issues and is well-informed on most relevant topics. We believe that Foster would work hard for the residents of the 14th District and would be a credible candidate for the Democrats in the general election.

I haven’t seen all of the debates, so will defer to those who have; maybe I haven’t received all of his mailers, but the ones I have do not mention his opponents at all. From where I’m sitting, Foster should get the vote for least amount of mud on his hands (if any): Stein gets snide with him at appearances and in his mailers, while Laesch (who apparently has no money for mailers) has attack teams roaming the blogosphere.

But even if the Chronicle staff know more about Foster’s fights than I do, I believe they couldn’t be more wrong about Lauzen.

He appears to have a proper appreciation for the amount of hard work that goes into making policy and the painstaking pace at which even the most incremental change often occurs. It is easy to see Lauzen as a bridge-builder for getting things done in Washington because he’s already done it in Springfield.

Bridge-builder? No way! Lauzen is well-known as a guy with a temper who can pretty much get along with NO ONE, and who has acted in somewhat bizarre ways.

“Maybe he is a man of integrity…”

“Maybe he is. But I say, if you can’t tell if a man is acting with integrity or is simply being a dick, he’s probably being a dick.”

“But he says that’s the way he is shows he’s a leader…”

“But he isn’t. A leader leads. A leader would actually get people over to his side and get something done. But Lauzen could do the same thing he does now having someone else in the Senate and just sitting at home yelling at the television. When Illinois was grappling with a busted retirement system, a healthcare crisis, a transportation crisis, a property tax crisis, and god knows what else, you know what Lauzen was doing? He was working to develop trade relations between Illinois and Romania. And Romania gave him a medal which he actually wears. So we sit there in the House and watch Blago and Madigan doing their slap fest and there’s this clown in the chamber wearing a decoration from some ex-Commie country. Oh they all hate him, both sides of the aisle. He’s like some old school marm shaking his finger at everyone telling them how naughty they are all the time. Both sides work their asses off to craft some kind of bill they can both live with and Lauzen is the only one who votes against it, to show that he’s an “uncompromising man of integrity”.”

“So what about Lauzen as a Republican candidate?”

“Sending Lauzen to Washington would be like disbanding the seat. He’d only vote for himself. He’s like a little political party all his own, called the Party of Dick. As much as Denny hates Oberweis, he knows that Oberweis will vote with the team. But Lauzen will only vote with Lauzen and aside from being a source of embarrassment, he’s unpredictable, which is the last thing the GOP is going to need with their paired [sic] down minority after the next election.”*

More on Lauzen here, here and here.

The Chron did peg Oberweis, though:

Oberweis also says that Dennis Hastert was right to resign halfway through his term. That’s not so good. Oberweis claims that quitting was justified when Hastert determined he could no longer be effective. We wholeheartedly disagree. But when you’ve already received the former speaker’s support, what else can you say? But if a “You scratch my back – I’ll scratch yours” approach is evident before the election, we wonder what will happen when Oberweis sets foot in Washington.

Oberweis says he’s sometimes been ahead of his time. Maybe. But whether he’s ahead of his time or behind it, we are quite certain that now is not his time.

That’s exactly why some of my Republican friends will never vote for Oberweis–he burned some bridges in the gubernatorial race by being seen as an opportunist above all. Nevertheless, ouch.

*If you like that diary (Warning! They’re a bit rude) visit The Denny Tapes and do NOT miss #4.