Thoughts on the School Referendum

I voted last week. I voted FOR the school referendum. It was the consistent thing to do. I believe that fabulous infrastructure, rather than give-aways, are what attract the types of industry we’d like to attract; that is, if we want DeKalb to be associated more with the Route 88 Research & Development Corridor and a bit less with the I-39 Logistics Corridor. It is also a better plan than what we’ve seen in the past, includes a high school which has always been a prerequisite, and ties in with the downtown revitalization and other renewal projects. Like I said: consistent.

That being said, I am very disappointed that the other communities in DeKalb Community Unit School District 428 do not feel the need to pay their fair share when it comes to impact fees. I am not a fan of impact fees but until we find another way to save ourselves from property tax madness and/or tax abatement heaven for industry it’s what we have to do. It really burns my donkey that Cortland might be getting a new elementary school despite collecting thousands less per home than DeKalb is. It is obscene that Malta will not be collecting anything at all.

And if the referendum passes, we’ll have lost any leverage toward equity.