Help Stop Blackwater Now

Action Alert! Support Needed For
Limitations on Private Military Contractors Act

Rep. Julie Hamos has introduced a bill into the Illinois legislation that establishes as public policy that private military contractors should not receive state funding or support in Illinois. The bill sets 3 important limitations on their function and use:

1. No state funds may be used to contract with or purchase services from private military contractors for training of law enforcement or security Guards.

2. No military weapons or explosives may be used by private military contractors in Illinois except on secured U.S. military bases or regulated facilities.

3. No personnel trained by private military contractors may be used to patrol, guard, control, contain or arrest any Illinois resident.

We need your help to move this bill forward in the Illinois House. This legislation is key to getting Blackwater out of Illinois and to protecting Illinois citizens from the impact of other private military firms like Blackwater.

1. Please contact your local state representative and urge him or her to co-sponsor HB5700.

2. Contact Rep. Hamos’s office and let her know that you support this bill and that you will be contacting your local representative to do so as well.

3. Write letters to your local newspapers about this bill and do what you can to generate public discussion about this needed legislation.

Visit to view information and a fact sheet that will provide facts for your letters. In order to move this legislation forward we need to create enthusiasm for it and show that it has support state wide. If you care about the threat to democracy that private military/security companies like Blackwater pose this is your opportunity to act.

If you have question or comments feel free to contact: Dan Kenney at