Republicans for Foster

A couple weeks ago I told you about lifelong Republican and retired Air Force vet Col. Don Cassiday endorsing Bill Foster for Congress in Denny Hastert’s vacated seat. Cassiday described himself as a “retired Republican” and has now gotten together with others who are calling themselves “Republicans for Foster.”

Republicans for Foster eschewed party allegiances to support Foster because they see him as possessing the experience, background, and roots in thecommunity to represent 14th residents of all political stripes. Foster — a Democrat — joined the group of Republicans today [3/1] at Elgin Community College…Members of Republicans for Foster include William Bangs, Chuck Brown, Cassiday, Ed Fauth, Frances Fauth, Jill Hansen, Dave Johnson, Walter Joy, Bernadine Murphy, and Jim Volk. The special election to fill the seat vacated by former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is next Saturday, March 8.

I see that Foster nailed down the Daily Chronicle endorsement as well.