Veterans for Foster


Veterans for Foster speak out for change in Iraq.

As veterans, we strongly support our troops and the magnificent job they have done. However, we firmly believe that the greatest and most important support we can give them now is to change course and bring them home from Iraq.

Having served in all branches of the US Military, we are intimately familiar with the need to maintain high morale and prevent our forces from being stretched too thin. The war in Iraq is hurting our military’s ability to stand vigilant against the threats we face at home and abroad.

Now is the time for a Congressman who is committed to changing course in Iraq. We have come together because we know that, on March 8, Bill Foster will become an immediate voice for change.

“Our military simply cannot afford to be guided by so-called leaders who will keep them in harm’s way, and overextended, in an unending war,” said Navy veteran Robert Reed, Co-Chair of Veterans for Foster. “Jim Oberweis wants to keep our troops in Iraq for another 10 years, and that is unacceptable.”

Air Force Vet Don Cassidy, who is also a member of Republicans for Foster, is co-chair of this new group.

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