Obama for Foster


Will you do it for Obama?

If I were Jim Oberweis I’d be devastated at the endorsement in the Chicago Tribune. The Trib came out for Foster, and ripped the milk man big time:

His campaign style has consistently been nasty, smug, condescending … and dishonest.

This year, Oberweis’ campaign is based on the notion that his opponent is a big-spending liberal. Oberweis’ TV and radio ads quote Foster saying, “There’s nothing in life that you can’t improve by pouring money at it. …”

Foster did say that, at a League of Women Voters debate. But the transcript makes it clear he was talking about the federal government’s “poor efforts” to improve air-traffic-control safety. His conclusion: “This is one example of a place I would look to save taxpayer dollars.”

How many people saw the debate? The pro-Oberweis letters in the newspaper seem to indicate that people are in fact being taken in by Obie-camp lies. This is another reason–besides the district heavily leaning Republican–that this race IMO will be very, very close.

The Foster campaign could use a few more good volunteers in the Dekalb-Sycamore area. Contact me at yinnATcitybarbs.com (or whichever one you have in your address book already) if you can help or if you want a yard sign.