Taxation Open Thread

The other threads are getting kind of long so use this space to discuss Home Rule repeal, District 428 facilities planning, the city budget, etc. What’s new:

  • All of the DeKalb City Council (except Ald. Gorski, who has no e-mail) received a copy of this letter appearing in the Chronicle today.
  • Watch for it: Mark Charvat will soon be announcing the first organizational meeting for supporters of a measure to revoke the city’s Home Rule status
  • Rep. Bob Pritchard is involved in a measure to provide for recall elections of state elected officials; could this be extended to the local level or not, and if so, is it a good idea? Comments, please.
  • 3rd Ward Alderman Victor Wogen has called a meeting for Thursday, April 3, 6 p.m. in the 2nd floor conference room of city hall. He will be joined by Alderman Keller and if the meeting overflows the room they’ll move it to council chambers.
  • (sniff) Is it just spring I smell, or are there other changes in the air?