Council to Reconsider Tax Hikes


Recent hikes to the city sales and motor fuels taxes are back on the DeKalb City Council’s regular 4/14 meeting agenda for reconsideration. The city manager’s memo states that Council members requested the item. It is logical to see this as a response to citizen complaints that the process moved too quickly for proper reflection and public input. My guesses are that Alds. Povlsen, Keller and Wogen are behind it since they are the ones who have been showing up for the tough meetings outside Council chambers.

Also according to the memo, the State of Illinois being the collector of sales taxes as well as a bureaucratic version of a runaway freight train (yes, I’m way beyond paraphrasing) apparently means that, even if DeKalb were to rescind the increase between now and October, the State could not put the brakes on until next January, meaning we’re stuck with the hike for the rest of the year. The locally-collected motor fuels tax, on the other hand, could be banished immediately, recalled and banished again any number of times. See how nimble we are.

Resident-requested changes to the meeting format,–such as putting the citizens’ comments session earlier, and eliminating the 3-minute clock—are also discussed in the memo. For now, council members could request changes meeting by meeting to test out the ideas before taking the step of changing the Municipal Code.