Playing Games with Excellence


Lincoln Elementary is recognized by the state as an Academic Excellence School. It also has a first-rate library. Coincidence? Of course not.

Yet, despite the principal’s protestations that parents were over-reacting to their “brainstorming” session last month, the school’s Building Leadership Team (BLT) will be bringing a proposal to the Administrative Team to move the library to the Bridges room which used to be the music room. If approved by the AT, the Bridges program will move to Cortland, and all-day kindergarten will be housed in the current library space.

Somewhat ironical is District Superintendent Beilfuss’ flat-out statement last night at the Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) meeting that all-day kindergarten is not possible at Lincoln right now due to its running at capacity.

Moving the library to the old music room is a better idea than Library-on-a-Cart, but here’s the thing: It’s been done before and I challenge you to find someone, anyone who will say that it worked. What’s more, the library has thousands more books than it did then. Staff would have to cull the collection in a major way. Why can’t they wait for the redistricting to be done? Then we can have both library and kindergarten done right.

What a slap in the face to the PTA and to the individual families who’ve helped build excellence into the Lincoln Library.