Foster Supporting the Troops

Our new Congressman has signed on to co-sponsor a piece of pro-soldier legislation, H.B. 3298:

21st Century Servicemembers Protection Act – Amends the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to allow individuals called to military service to terminate or suspend a service contract, after the date of entry into service or the date of the military orders, if: (1) the service contract (such as phone, cable, Internet, or utilities) is executed before the individual is called to service for a period of at least 90 days; or (2) the person enters into the contract while in military service and thereafter receives orders for a change of permanent station to a location outside the United States, or to deploy with a military unit for a period of at least 180 days.

Provides penalties against anyone who: (1) holds property or funds of a person in military service who lawfully terminates a contract; or (2) violates the 6% limit on interest rates charged to servicemembers during a period of military service.

Also, Rep. Foster has recently opened local offices in Batavia, Dixon, and “Genesco” (I think they mean Geneseo, don’t you?).