Council Watch: 4/14/08

Low moments in modern history:

“I am not a crook.”

“I am not a wimp.”

“We are not a tax-and-spend council.”

Look, Mr. Simpson, you can say that every meeting from now until the harvest of the corn but until it matches up with your actions it is simply not true.

(The irony here is that Mr. Simpson did actually vote on the taxpayer-friendly side of the motion to reconsider the sales tax increase–along with Alds. Baker and Keller–but my instinct on this is that he didn’t understand the vote.)

For the record, Ald. Wogen lied last night about what he said at the April 3 meeting. Then he betrayed us on the vote. Any points he earned for hosting the April 3 meeting, for nudging along the meeting format changes, anything else: They’re gone.

There were two bright spots in the meeting that ran 3 hours. One was that we had a pretty good lineup of speakers to the tax issue. The other was Ald. Baker, who filled in for the absent mayor in running the meeting.

Baker gets it. He’s been against that sales tax hike from the start. I was pretty impressed that he did his own investigation into the date that the sales tax increase/decrease/whatever would become effective–and found out it may not necessarily be next January, as the city manager had reported. He also supports the idea of having an outside party scrutinize the budget and he guided the process that’s going to get us an ad hoc citizens’ budget review committee.

I found myself picturing Dave Baker as mayor, and the picture did not seem outrageous.