Today’s Budget Questions, 4/16/08

The city’s FY2008 budget for the I&T Department contains the following:

  • $507,590 for regular compensation
  • $40,000 for overtime
  • $2750 for wearing apparel
  • There is also a vee-hickle maintenance budget so they must have a vee-hickle. Why?

    The guys who work in the sewers, they need wearing apparel. Why does I&T need wearing apparel?

    Overtime? Why aren’t they salaried?

    That $507,590 is spread over 7.5 positions, according to the budget chart. Now, here’s your bonus question: How many I&T people does it take to keep the county running?


    That’s right, the county’s I&T department has seven people, two to do GMS (?) mapping and five for everything else.

    Some of the county guys are reportedly amused to find out it takes so many to do the work in the city.