Enviro Scorecard

The Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) annually selects state legislation with environmental implications and publishes an Environmental Scorecard based on legislators’ votes. In 2007, Rep. Bob Pritchard voted on a total of 10 pieces of environmental-type legislation and took the pro-environment side in 6 of them, giving him a score of 60%.

State Sen. Brad Burzynski faced seven such votes last year and scored 0%.

Maybe he’s one of those people who think that one cannot be both pro-environment and pro-business. If so, I believe he is making a mistake, particularly in the area of renewable energy initiatives. It is becoming increasingly clear that fossil-fuel dependence is, along with the Iraq occupation, the dominant drag on the economy.

On a related note, I’ve been reading things about Iceland’s roaring economy, which some attribute to their near-energy independence. They also don’t seem to be in hock up to their eyeballs. If you click here, take a look at the Power Point presentation, especially Chapters 4-6.