Finance Advisory Committee Nominees

Mayor Van Buer has put forward the names of 7 residents (p. 235) he is recommending for inclusion on a new Finance Advisory Committee.

Marianne Anderson (local accountant and financial planner)
Cohen Barnes (Businessman – TBC Net, recommended by the Chamber)
Mike Larson (Retired – Elmer Larson Inc. Note from yinn: ReNew DeKalb involvement)
Mac McIntyre (Businessman – DeKalb County On-Line)
Mike Peddle (NIU – Center for Governmental Studies, Public Finance)
Gary Peele (Resource Bank, recommended by the Chamber)
Tom Teresinski (Former School Board member and Chair of their Finance and Facilities Committee)

So we’ve got at least three downtown revitalization cheerleaders and one person added as a tactic to dilute the Revoke Home Rule effort. And where’s Average Joe?

BTW, if you check the agenda link you’ll see that ReNew Dekalb is asking for a skating rink–yes, right now–that would cost the city $75,000 in TIF money. Do we actually have TIF money to spend at this point or are we borrowing against our uncertain future?