More Water, Please

Goodness, now here’s an interesting comment on the proposed water rate hike and infrastructure.

wrote on Apr 27, 2008 9:06 AM:

” This is BS! Sure rates should go up sometime but the fact that they are saying that they need to build additional infrastructure is crazy. Our community is currently at 41,000 in population with a storage and pumping capacity for 65,000. How fast do you think we expect to see 24,000 more people here? We are pumping the same amount of water today as 20 years ago the city manager said at the last council meeting. We are generally more efficient today than 20 years ago and will get more efficient. This is a cash cow for the city. “

I heard Mr. Biernacki’s comment. I think he said 35 years, actually, and he’s in part justifying the increase because some costs are rising but we’re not using any more water, so we all need to pay more for the same amount. Or something. Moo.