Council Watch, 4/28/08

Just a couple of impressions. During the Committee of the Whole, I think the city council hit most of the right notes in questioning the skating rink idea, namely the safety issues, how it would eat up parking, and whether downtown business owners were contacted (although the answer given didn’t really clear that up for me). It does not seem like a done deal for the FY2009 budget.

As for Water Resources, I believe they made a pretty good case for raising the rates as their difficulty in keeping up with costs is clear. (The city-by-city comparison was not the centerpiece of the argument.) Also, they are not talking about new infrastructure but about replacing the ancient water mains and if there is a way to ensure that a portion of the money goes into that project and not all toward operations I could get behind some sort of increase.

The person who spoke for the division–didn’t catch the name–left a good impression, too. There was neither a sense of entitlement nor that faintly defensive air one sees sometimes. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a department that has put off purchasing new vehicles as a way to economize.

Mac reports on the regular council meeting here.