Council Watch, 5/12/08

With Palmer Court slated to be torn up for the pass-through (p. 107) and whatever else, City Council last night adopted a resolution to move the Farmers’ Market to Parking Lot 3 for the time being. Lot 3 lies south of Lincoln along Grove, between 3rd and 4th. Speaking as a person who set up a canopy to sell her wares [wink] a couple times a week for three summers, it’s not ideal so let’s hope those with skating rink ambitions don’t push for permanence. Besides pulling it away from businesses that have benefited from the market’s Palmer location, the site is too close to the tracks and too open to the southwest winds.

The Financial Advisory Committee was established last night. Congrats to the new members. Mayor Van Buer impressed me by stating that this group should have been formed “a couple years ago” and that it’s being overlooked was a result of getting caught up in the routine. It hit exactly the right note, IMO.

Alderman Povlsen invited people to unhand their keyboards (actually it might have been “come out from behind the blogs”) and have their say at the budget workshops next week. I assume he mostly means the very sharp critics at The Daily Chronicle rather than the less-richly pseudonymous folks at other local blog-haunts who do attend meetings on occasion. Nevertheless, it is an almost-personal invite so must be seriously considered.