Farmers’ Market 2008

The dogs were upset but I needed to save some time getting to G&L Auto repair for Milt Westlake’s asparagus on Thursday so took my bike instead. He had not only freshly cut asparagus but some of his brother-in-law’s little red potatoes (BIL lives a bit farther south) which made for two bags to loop over the handlebars in a modified milkmaid style that worked for about a block at which spot there was a noise and pieces flying that turned out to be a corner of a bag and about a half-pound of asparagus decapitated by the spokes. Moral of the story? Not sure. “Always buy two bunches?” “Get a backpack, you loser?”

Anyhoo the DeKalb Farmers’ Market starts next Thursday afternoon, June 5th, in the parking lot at Third and Grove. Mr. Westlake reported that this is supposed to be as temporary as possible with a return to the usual Palmer Court location when the renovation is done. This is good news but renders plans for the skating rink at Third-Grove even more peculiar.