How to Pay for the Police Station?


Asks Ivan, our go-to guy on the citizens’ committee charged with figuring out how we get a new city police station:

The more I think about the police station, the more I believe that a implementing a vehicle sticker program within the City of DeKalb is the way to go. Somehow we must get our police the most important tool they need in order to keep our families safe and to serve our community in the many ways they do today.

I would be interested to see this actually become its own topic and have our bloggers, old and new, suggest other ideas if they do not favor this one. I do fully realize the burden that we have today to finance our local, state, and federal governments but I’ve tried to think of ways that we could postpone the building of this station. I cannot. I sat in the lobby the other while paying several water bills and just watched the traffic in and out of the police station itself. The variety of people in and out, going to court and other offices, and the detectives walking back and forth through the main City Hall lobby from their offices to the station.

I just cannot imagine how they continue to do the quality work that they do day in and day out. So, I am asking you to help with ideas as to where we do not necessarily fund based on real estate but on vehicles that use our roads. Our next meeting is June 11, 2008 and it would be nice to have a feeling on what is acceptable or not.

OK, there you go.

Ivan, please give us a time and place on that meeting, in case some of us can fit it in. [Update: the meeting is Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Council chambers. If the Assistant City Manager is present, the committee will talk financing.]