Next FPC Meeting 7/1

The school district’s Facilities Planning Committee will meet July 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the Admin Building boardroom. The FPC Advisory Committee will meet the same day, same place at 3 p.m. Says Ivan:

You do know that the money they have from the sale of the bonds is in an account drawing interest already? Now you do. You see, that interest money they make does not have to be used for the purpose of the referendum or for the purpose of paying down the bonds. They can use it for ANYTHING they desire. My guess is talks may be coming around for contracts but I may just be guessing. Several of us still believe that there are many in the administration that did not believe the referendum would pass and now that it did, they are off to the races with their hidden agendas.

I notice they are working on the high school parking lot.