Council Agenda 7/14/08

The agenda packet is another 200+ pager due to sketches of the downtown ShoDeen plan and East Corridor work along with a number of proposed revisions to the liquor code. Consider this an open thread on any part of the agenda; however, I will confine myself for the moment to comment on a couple of inconsistencies that IMO are somewhat telling of the power relationships involved.

  • Council may cut its salaries by 10%, but give 34 managers COLA adjustments (pp. 89-94; 129-143).
  • The city may approve changes to the liquor code to force bar managers to live within city boundaries (p. 195), yet its own firefighters are allowed to live up to 18 miles from town.
  • The proposed liquor license fee hikes are ridiculous (p. 212). Will next up be the landlords, or will they hike the property tax first?