RIP Thread

Regarding the proposed, controversial Rental Inspection Program (RIP), I have obtained materials available at the website of the Tenants, Landowners, Community Rights Group (TLC), have talked with a couple landlords and have read about voluntary inspection programs in other college towns (such as here and here.)

While not necessarily opposed to a rental inspection program, I do think we should at least consider a voluntary model first. I also am inclined to think that a RIP predicated, as this one so obviously is, more on motivations of revenue enhancement than of community enhancement is doomed to be a big fat failure and a searing indictment of the way the city does business.

Also, nobody has really explained what is so lacking in Chapters 10 (Tenant-Landlord), 12 (Nuisance) and 13 (Building Codes)–besides draconian fines, that is–that we can’t possibly enforce what’s already on the books. Let’s have some thorough public hearings on the current state of code enforcement to find the real holes that need mending.