Calendar: House & Hall

Events coming up in the next couple, including:

This Sunday at the House Cafe will be a free show starting at about 11 am-Its a good opportunity for people to come downtown shop, have lunch and a Mamosa at the House cafe and visit some other places.. but back on topic.All four bands have some connection to either downtown or the John street/College Ave area.


It started with higher fees for the builders and developers, then the bar owners, the restaurant owners, and now the landlords and tenants of this community. The fees and restrictions threaten the survival of DeKalb businesses by driving up costs and driving away customers.

And now the City is looking to enact legislation to fast track the seizing taxpayer’s homes/property under “home rule” and shortcut the careful protection currently afforded against unreasonable seizure under current State law and our local courts.

If you believe enough is enough then don’t sit back and wait any longer. Join us, Monday July 28 at 5:30pm, in the parking lot on 4th and Grove (next to the Chinese Restaurant). Bring your sign and join the march on City Hall. United we stand.