Council Watch, 8/11/08

Congratulations to Acting Mayor Povlsen. Of the group comprising City Council, he is the best choice.

That’s not to say I will be agreeing with him anytime soon. For example:

Top issues that he will be moving forward are working with the liquor industry on revising the city’s liquor code and working with landlords on creating a rental unit inspection program, Povlsen said.

Wrong! DeKalb’s top priority is to ensure its long-term financial health and the place to start is with the police station. Along with making decisions about funding the building of the facility, we must figure out how and why we failed to save up for it during the past 7-years-plus.

And I’d really, really appreciate it if council members would stop bragging about the property tax rate remaining the same for 15 years. During the times of our heaviest growth and increased home values, it should have been reduced, as this would have been an example of growth paying for itself. But because they spend every penny, because they think it’s fine to go into debt to build, and because they have consistently refused to adjust anything downward during booms, our leaders have relegated the concept of growth paying for itself to the status of myth. Too bad.

On to the skating rink!

What we really needed from Re:New’s Jennifer Groce instead of the tiny cute animated skater was a breakdown of the $75,000 price tag because last night we found out that it will require an underlay of sand and/or fine gravel and an impermeable layer. Is the cost of these materials included? How about for the floodlights which were also mentioned for the first time? And what about the labor to set it up and to store it?

Sounds like a Public Works Overtime Bonanza to me.

They need also to explain why they dropped the Park District like a hot potato in order to bring in out-of-towners to manage it.

That’s about it for now. Who do you like for 2nd Ward alderman? If you don’t feel comfortable naming names under your own name, choose a psuedo (Please! Something snazzy! We have enough “anons” to keep track of!) or e-mail me to put it forward here.