Honor Roll: DeKalb Police

Whew, good thing I added that “Honor Roll” category the other day:

DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen informed staff at the Daily Chronicle this week about the arrest of a DeKalb Police officer and subsequent disciplinary actions taken. The officer was charged with driving under the influence Aug. 10 by Illinois State Police officers, who were called to a two-vehicle accident when responding DeKalb Police officers found an off-duty officer was involved with the accident. Police departments cannot investigate their own officers, which is why the state police were called in. The willingness to be open about affairs within a department says a great deal about the DeKalb Police Department’s commitment to the community, even if it draws criticism.

Criticism?! For what, failing to hire teetotalers? Please. They followed the book even when it was one of their own, then were completely open about it. All city departments should operate this way.