Council Thread 9/8/08


My favorite part was when Chief Feithen told Council either to git ‘er done tonight on the police station financing decision else he’d arrange for some trailers to be placed out back to accommodate his department.

My most unfavorite parts were when two aldermen basically admitted that the Open Meetings Act is violated by Council all the time via the closed session, and when Ald. Simpson said that a good result in choosing an acceptable acting mayor justified how it was done.

Council worked hard and did OK for a group making the basic assumption that taxes had to be raised. Just think what they might have done if the basic assumption had been that cuts were necessary.

Speaking of assumptions, it would appear that some are trying to plan for the day when repeal of home rule is accomplished.

Update: Several articles are available on these long meetings. Northern Star weighs in. Chronicle has gory police station details, plus one on the new AFSCME contract and special bonus writeup on Tom Teresinski’s installation as 2nd Ward alderman. Somebody was up late last night.