Obama Stinks



Actually, I like him very much. But that did not keep me from posting a video recently that exaggerated and poked fun at his sunny-hopeful-Bambi message and image. There should be no sacred cows. There should be much less partisanship.

So I suspect I will post more like the Palin for President and Bob Hope clips, acknowledging the “silly season” by poking fun at both sides and all candidates. Bob Hope, by the way, I fondly remember as taking shots at whoever was in power. Our humorist patriots–Twain, Rogers, Jon Stewart–always have. In my own small way I try to emulate them.

There is risk. Emotions are running high in some circles and it’s getting ugly out there. It’s even gotten to the point where I am boycotting, until after November 4, political sites I used to enjoy; how about you? The decision to share these things that make me laugh takes trust that each participant at CityBarbs will help maintain our usual overall tone, which I am immensely proud of.

Where’d this come from? Some e-mail arrived yesterday that made me think some reassurance was needed. I posted a comment of similar content last night under the Bob Hope diary but pulled it in favor of this front-page version.

Don’t forget to put in your order for sunshine on Sunday for Kite Fest, and have a great weekend!