Council Agenda 9/22/08

The “ice” skating rink comes up on Monday. Council will be asked to authorize the purchase of the skating rink–this includes waiving the usual bidding process–and in a separate action to authorize Acting Mayor Povlsen to enter into an agreement with The Skate School, LLC.

Cost Summary Estimate
Ice Rink @ 114 Panels + shipping & handling = $52,000
Vinyl Fencing with Gates $ 9,000
Rubber Matting $ 4,500
Lighting $ 2,500
Contingency Fund of 5% $ 3,300
TOTAL $71,300

That’s not all. There are costs involved in prepping the site, installation, seasonal removal for storage, and probably insurance. Plus, IMO it is altogether fair to somehow account for the costs of land acquisition and lost property taxes since we are in essence paying to pull downtown commercial property off the market. That’s just off the top of my head.

But, back to the bidding process. This should not be waived because, a little light reading shows, not all synthetic ices and rinks are the same when it comes to performance, maintenance requirements, etc. One enemy of them all, it seems, and a hazard to skaters, is dirt. Would a rink on a street corner stay free of gritty slush thrown up from trucks? Would we end up having to build some sort of shelter?

My reading also gave me a sense that the technological advances will breed entrepreneurs, another potential option besides putting the city into the recreation business.

Other items:

  • Utility surcharge comes up at the CoW.
  • The Annie Glidden hotel project has been withdrawn.
  • TTFN.