Facilities Planning Committee 10-08-08


[Written by attendee Jim Schneider; edited & posted by yinn.]

Supt. Briscoe told the committee about the payment of taxes on the Cortland site. It was hoped that this would help the Montalbano development get going. I pointed out the school would be dependent on the water & sewer utilities & could be affected if the developers default on guarantees that were promised. His response was that there is negation to reduce the payment schedule on the $15 million sewer bond issue. They had ground breaking that day.

The proposed H. S. building was presented by ATS&R architects. There wasn’t a definite difference between precast concrete vs. brick. They chose brick part way up with tile the rest of the way up. The school would look like a prairie style design. There isn’t a field house included in the $88.5 million figure, nor a Competition Pool. The park Distr. may get involved with a 4 ac aquatic park nearby. The layout of the site does include the field house & construction materials were listed.

The clock is from the 1903 building & was included as a centerpiece tower. One of the architects had a lot of knowledge about these clocks. They are quite impressive & I thought that including it was a good investment because of its history. It can ring a heavy bell.

There was a lot of material about the building details.

There is about $4 million in contingency money that wasn’t committed.

If you saw the Delinquent Property Tax list in the Chronicle this week you might get the picture of what is happening with developments in the area. I complained that these schools were being built for developments that weren’t happening. Ass’t Supt Gorla said these schools were for current development. I spoke of my concern about the financing situation getting worse with interest rates on debt rising. There is a separate finance committee that deals with that.

PS: Would those on the Delinquent Tax List, especially those who supported the ref, please pay your due.