Open Thread 12/2/08

Thought you might need it after reading this.

The residing “leadership” at DHS is as ineffective and combative as any I have seen, mainly from the top. Staff is often disregarded, almost contemptuously so. Constructive input, normally valued in education, is consistently met with intense hostility. Valid concerns are routinely warped into that of enemy fire and met with swift, severe retaliation. An unhealthy obsession with power and authority has led to a palpable sense of resentment throughout the staff. It is no small wonder that there have been more union grievances filed against this leadership than any other in recent memory.

Students are treated with equal ignorance. As evidenced by abrupt dismissals of valued staff and the implementation of grade-school-like behavioral programs (i.e., Barb Stamps), student input is effectively nonexistent. In place of a healthy spirit, inspiring creativity, free expression, and opportunities for psychological/social growth, is leadership that inspires little more than apathy and rancor. It is this leadership, this environment, which has greatly contributed to DHS failing to meet [Annual Yearly Progress goals], four years running.

But this is an Open Thread–what else is on your mind? DeKalb salt shortage? TIF funds to First Rockford Group for facade improvements on Sycamore Road?