School Games

School District 428 is looking to balance its budget. Last night the board considered a 4th proposal for doing so, which included cutting $83,000 from “differential money” that is, in part, used for music and art program components.

Meanwhile, here’s some data that never gets talked about at public meetings:

Paul Beilfuss $222,223
Andrea Gorla $140,177
Lindsay Hall $138,808
Kristina Hesbol $134,809
Rebecca McCabe $135,762

Of a list of approximately 440 individuals, 27 administrators and teachers in District 428 made more than $100,000 in 2008, another 30+ made more than $90,000, and about 35 made over $80,000.

Reduce each of these salaries by 1% and you’d save the music, art, and more.

But that’s never on the table, is it?

So spare me the talk about how the children come first. Continue reading School Games