Illinois Schools Freezing Administrators’ Pay


Here’s a model for District 428. They’re not cutting, just freezing, but still it’s good to know not all Illinois school districts treat administrators’ salaries as inviolate in tough times.

The unusual concessions are being made from Quincy in central Illinois to suburban Gurnee and Oswego at a time when districts are also sending out pink slips, cutting popular programs and raising student fees.

In Quincy School District 172, school board member Jeff Mays pushed to freeze pay for 22 of 28 administrators who were not locked into retirement contracts, shaving an estimated $62,000 from next year’s budget.

“I wasn’t doing it to be punitive. I just felt they had to have some skin in the game. They had to feel it too,” said Mays, who is president of the Illinois Business Roundtable.